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Finding Your Sweet Spot: An Interview with David Mathisen

Posted by Cameron School of Business on Mar 17, 2017 11:26:48 AM


March 2017 Editor's Note: This post was originally published in September 2016.


An interview with David Mathisen, Cameron School of Business Alumnus (B.S. Business Administration with a concentration in Accountancy, 2005; MBA 2011)

How do you feel about your educational experience at Cameron School of Business?

I enjoyed every part of my experience at UNCW and at CSB; the instructors at CSB were probably my favorite part...I felt instructors were informative, challenging, yet, “down to earth.” I could tell many of them had a passion for teaching and my learnings at CSB have transitioned well to the success in my professional career. P.S. -  I heard they made a mandatory “shoes, or at least flip flop and shirt” rule in recent years?  That was cool when they didn’t have that rule...but I understand.

What was your favorite part of the Professional MBA program?

I personally enjoyed the Learning Alliance portion of the MBA program. I thought it was creative of UNCW to think about being a resource for local businesses in Wilmington, NC, yet also to give MBA students a unique opportunity to help potentially solve real business issues. It’s a win-win! Many of the professionals I have worked with who have MBAs from other schools didn’t have the opportunity to link MBA learnings with real businesses and business issues, it was all textbook at their schools.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I guess I am the typical UNCW demographic - I really enjoy surfing, boating/fishing, the beach, MX (motocross), golf, and attending professional sporting events and concerts.

What are you up to now?

I am living in Jacksonville, FL working for CSX, a Class 1 railroad and Fortune 200 company, in finance. I primarily work on an Activity Based Costing (ABC) model to help our Sales & Marketing department understand contribution on rail cars moving across our vast network. ABC models are like some peoples' Facebook relationship status: “it’s complicated.”

What else have ya got for us?

Between work and a recently growing family and having found a way to be successful in my career and also live at the beach.  I'm still able to pursue my interests and hobbies and the overall balance of life is, well, perfect!  Finding the balance of life after leaving Wilmington, considering my hobbies and interests, wasn’t easy and took a lot of hard work and some time. Living in Charlotte, NC for 3 years was great, but just not for me. I couldn’t ask for anything more than the balance I have right now, and am very grateful for it.

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