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MBA Student Highlight - Brittany Collins

Posted by UNCW on Feb 26, 2021 9:37:24 AM

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Today’s student highlight goes to Brittany Collins. Brittany is in the graduating class of 2021 for our Masters of Business Administration program. Our MBA program is part-time and allows individuals to keep working, while also continuing their education. Prior to enrolling in the MBA program, Brittany was employed full-time but felt that she didn’t have a meaningful connection to her work. With aspirations of joining an executive leadership team one day, she felt that the best way to remain competitive in the evolving job market was to go back to school for a graduate degree in business.

Brittany is a former UNCW alumni who was attracted to the program due to the university's recent award for its phenomenal online MBA program. She commended the program for its in-depth, well-planned courses, and how it allowed her to apply the knowledge that she had learned. When Brittany first joined the program, she was disheartened to learn that project management wasn’t part of the curriculum. However, she had the opportunity to sign up for the first project management class with Professor Rosen, which greatly excited her as project management is an area that she was interested in outside of the MBA. The course inspired her to become a part of the Project Management Institute while continuing to take MBA courses. She continued to prepare for the CAPM and PMP exams while she progressed through the program. Brittany was able to pass the PMP exam and is now officially apart of the PMI within 8 months of taking the first offered Project Management Course. Following the completion of her MBA, she plans to take a vacation post-graduation to reward herself for the successful completion of the program. “I can tell that my critical thinking and thought process development has immensely been transformed and this has allowed me to stretch into new opportunities."

The MBA program allows you to refine your skills in your desired area of business while also learning new skills to deal with current and future issues organizations face. The program allows you to develop the skills necessary to excel in your career, without having to have your work impeded on. Networking with other business professionals is another benefit of the program, as you collaborate with other MBA students to develop valuable soft skills. Making connections and developing business skills are the cornerstones of this program that will allow you to advance in your organization and take control of your future.

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