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Featured Seahawk: Sydney Payne '18 - Wacky, but Authentic

Posted by Cameron School of Business on Apr 13, 2018 7:56:00 AM


Guest Blogger: Sydney Payne, CSB BSBA – Marketing/Professional Sales concentration ’18; Sydney was our “Featured Seahawk” for the week of March 19, 2018.

Finishing my final semester as a CSB student has made me reflect on my experiences at UNCW. I never really was a student who loved school; however, instead of feeling intimidated by my professors— I was inspired.
Every professor I learned from was excited about the information shared and really encouraged students to connect with other students and never be afraid to ask questions. I am thankful for choosing the marketing - professional sales concentration for my business degree.

Along my journey, I learned how to network, talk to people and market myself as an asset for any opportunity I was given. Being a part of the Cameron Executive Network opened many doors for me, including meeting the best mentor I could have ever asked for, Bob Pious. He taught me more than just how to be professional – he acted as a guide throughout the personal, religious and educational decisions I made throughout college. Who knew a smile and an introduction in my BUS 205 class could lead to a special mentorship I will cherish forever! I learned that making time to get to know your professors goes a long way.

I never was a straight “A” student, but I always was 100% myself; in other words, a little weird, mildly creative and always curious about applying my learning to reality. Dr. Lisa Scribner and Dr. Vince Howe are two very special professors who have taught me so much. They believed in me more than I believed in myself to give me opportunities that I did not feel qualified for at the time.

For example, Dr. Scribner saw the wacky Sydney Payne on our department trip to New York City and highly recommended me for an internship that has now led to my first job out of college. Dr. Howe has trusted me to work by his side to launch the new Center for Sales Excellence and Customer Delight, which has been a memorable experience.

Overall, I have learned that UNCW has taught me to build relationships, not be afraid to ask for help and enjoy every opportunity given. Being at UNCW has been the best four years of my life! I will cherish the memories, professors and all my peers forever.

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