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The Spring 2022 Big Idea Competition Rewards Five Students for Their Ideas

Posted by Cameron School of Business on Jun 23, 2022 1:17:38 PM


In-person judges during the presentationScreen Shot 2022-06-23 at 1.14.09 PM

Contributed by Dr. Xaver Neumeyer, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Cameron School of Business.

The Spring 2022 Big Idea Competition saw 15 finalists from three different schools competing for a total of $900 prize money. After a warm welcome, students had 3 minutes to pitch their ideas to a panel of seven judges. Alex Lopez, Entrepreneurship and Business Development, was declared the winner. Mason Villeneuve, Entrepreneurship and Business Development, won 2nd place. Ryan Leclerc, Criminology, won 3rd place. Robert Albarda, Communication Studies, and Shaylynn Monet, Film Studies, won 4th place. The judges included Jay Schach (Seagrass Consulting), Jamie Stalfort (SBDTC), Alexia Franzidis (CHHS), Maria Vargas (Rue Gilt Groupe), Landon Hill (Local Catch), Corey Heim (Channel Key LLC), and Justin Queen (Blu Zeus Interactive Marketing). The competition was organized and coordinated by Xaver Neumeyer (Department of Management).

This year's Big Idea Competition, hosted by the Cameron School of Business with support from the Small Business and Technology Development Center and the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, was conducted in a hybrid format, allowing students, guests, and judges to participate virtually and in person. This competition provides undergraduate and graduate students from all majors and standings with an opportunity to pitch their new entrepreneurial ideas. The student's Ideas ranged from music subscription services to recycling scanners and provided participants with rigorous feedback and prizes.

What's involved? First, interested students submit a two-paragraph summary of their idea. After an initial review process, they then get selected to pitch. Participants typically have 3 minutes to present to a panel of judges, who then select the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place winners. In total, we received 33 submissions this semester and selected 14 to present. There were 32 attendees, including the seven judges.


Judge Maria Vargas with 1st place winner Alex Lopez-Paz

1st Place - Alex Lopez-Paz, Entrepreneurship and Business Development Major

Judge Jamie Stalfort with 2nd place winner Mason Villeneuve

2nd Place - Mason Villeneuve, Entrepreneurship and Business Development Major

Judge Jay Schach with 3rd place winner Ryan Leclerc

3rd Place - Ryan Leclerc, Criminology Major

Judge Landon Hill with 4th place winner Shaylynn Monet4th place co-winner Ryan Albarda

4th Place - Shaylynn Monet, Film Studies Major, and Ryan Albarda Communication Studies Major

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