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Top 10 Marketing Concentration Students Recognized for Outstanding Academic Achievement

Posted by Cameron School of Business on Mar 13, 2019 11:30:00 AM


(Photo: Kelsey Lee, Fall 2018 Outstanding Graduate in Marketing - Professional Selling)

By Mel Beasley, CSB Marketing Assistant

Academic work ethic doesn’t go unnoticed in the marketing department of UNCW's Cameron School of Business as a faculty member continues her efforts to recognize the Top 10 achievers in this concentration each year and picks their brains for new ideas to improve the curriculum and programs in the school’s marketing field of study. 

sales-competition-2019-1There are around 500 students with marketing concentrations,” said Dr. Lisa Scribner, the department chair and mastermind of the Top 10 recognition program. It's my opinion that we should simply let [students] know what a great accomplishment they have achieved. 

As businesses continue to shift their branding and marketing efforts to social media and major search engines, new positions in promotions, advertising, and digital marketing continue to open every day. In fact, the need for marketing professionals is predicted to continue growth faster than average at 10 percent from now through 2026, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. With approximately 500 students seeking a business administration degree with a marketing concentration right now, the CSB's Department of Marketing is constantly seeking new, inventive ways to expand or improve its current programs. 

My original goal was to sit down with each student and talk about career goals and opportunities in various marketing fields and in academia,” Scribner said. I also introduce students to departmental honors if they are not already in the Honors College.” 

The Top 10 recognition serves as a badge of honor for outstanding students looking for a foot in the door at local companies because employers aware of the recognition have sought out recruits on the list in the past, according to Scribner. Faculty also seek list members for leadership positions when they arise.

Recently, Scribner has morphed the Top 10 List into much more than recognition, but a way to provide students with a voice in how and what they learn in their programs. Listers have transformed into a sort of advisory committee that will meet regularly to discuss potential issues and solutions with the marketing programs at UNCW.  

“A student privately suggested to me that she would like to get to know the other Top 10 students,” Scribner said. “So, we just had our first group session, and the students really enjoyed networking with each other. 

Along with their positions as sounding boards for new ideas, curriculum, and university opportunities, list members are recognized on the monitors in Cameron Hall and the CIS Building, CSB's website, and in the bi-annual newsletter. Students interested in making the Top 10 List must have a concentration in marketing strategy or professional selling, have completed at least 30 credit hours at UNCW, and be among the highest GPAs in their respective courses.  

Creating this program has been super fulfilling for me,” Scribner said.  I have had students tell me how proud their parents are of them. The students on the list tell me how much it motivates them to remain on the list once they've gotten on it. 

Going forward, Scribner plans to meet with the new "Top 10 List" advisory board regularly to brainstorm new ideas and program changes before they happen as a way to get feedback before official implementation. 

Learn more about Cameron School of Business' Marketing Concentrations.


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