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CCDE Announces AEN Partnership with USCYBERCOM

Posted by Cameron School of Business on Feb 14, 2022 4:03:17 PM

Guest Blogger: This piece was contributed by Dr. Ulku Clark, Professor of Information Systems and the Director of the Center for Cyber Defense Education at UNCW.

UNCW is excited to announce their membership in the United States Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) Academic Engagement Network (AEN). The AEN includes 84 colleges and universities working with USCYBERCOM Headquarters, Joint Force HQ-DODIN, the Cyber National Mission Force, Air Force Cyber Command, Army Cyber Command, US Fleet Cyber Command, US Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace Command, and the US Coast Guard Cyber Command. The goals of this strategic partnership are to engage future workforce, increase cyber applied research and innovation, expand cyber-focused analytic partnerships, and enrich strategic dialogue.

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Anxiety among Nurses: CSB Faculty Conducts Research

Posted by Cameron School of Business on Oct 18, 2021 9:31:43 AM

Guest Blogger: This Insights article was contributed by Dr. Minoo Modaresnezhad, Assistant Professor of Information Systems, Martha C. Andrews, Professor of Management, and Jessica Mesmer-Magnus, Chair and Professor of Management, UNCW Cameron School of Business.(this post originally appeared on on October 15, 2021).

Understanding the Causes and Consequences and the Role of Supervisor Support

The nursing profession has long been recognized as a stressful occupation, with many nurses reporting high anxiety levels resulting from job-related stress. During their everyday work life, nurses are likely to struggle with excessive work constraints, work-family conflict, verbal abuse, negative teamwork experiences, inadequate support, and overtime. The stress from these regular experiences is associated with lower job satisfaction, increased turnover intentions, and actual turnover. Given that individuals have limited psychological, emotional, and physical resources with which to effectively deal with these challenges, it is important to gain an in-depth understanding of the nature of a nurse’s work environment so solutions can be identified to ultimately reduce anxiety experienced by nurses.

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